Silent Waves
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what i really love about this theme is you can be any kind of blog, and it still looks good with your profile. most themes don’t do that. this one took me a while, and funny story; you dont have to read the rest… i was on google chrome for an hour and it stopped responding so i had to restart the whole fucking thing… but i remembered a lot of it, so it was all good. yeah, anyways, i hope you like this theme.

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i figured i had a myspace theme, why not have a theme for a gamer? this theme was not originally made by me, nor in the coding do i give myself any credit. just on this page, you can decide to give me some credit if you like. the thermal picture doesn’t come with it, but its really easy considering i did it in three minutes on the “paint” program. but, if you don’t know how to do it… just ask and i’ll make it for you. also, this theme does NOT look good if you change the backround color, because then the corner picture won’t look transparent, and neither will your sidebar thermal picture (if you decide to have one) also, that doesn’t have to be thermal. my friend, bryce gave me the idea of it being thermal.. so…. yeah. anyways, im rambling a lot but i hope you like this theme.

Biggie Smalls
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i just got the code straight from my profile, so you might have to change the colors and names of links, just please leave credit. (also, the theme is named biggie smalls because that is a rapper and the sidebar is big and the pictures are small)

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just a funny little theme i created, since everyone used to go on myspace. also have a “top friends” blogroll… but it is really complicated so just ask me if you want the code for it.